What is the Global Classroom?

Through technology we gain international awareness in the sense that it enables us to connect with diverse people from all over the world, even from remote places, to share ideas, address problems and learn from one another. The mastering of 21st Century skills is essential for joining in this revolution to connect, communicate, collaborate and change. The idea of the global classroom is that students are being prepared to be global citizens, to develop global competencies through exposure to other cultures and languages, in order to work together globally and to take advantage of opportunities in a globalised world. The global classroom gives learners the opportunity to develop life-ready competencies such as innovation, cross-cultural understanding and resilience  (Ministry of Education Singapore, 2010).


About Monique

I am a PGCE student at the University of Pretoria. I completed my BA Degree in Education and Psychology in 2011. I like going to the movies and taking long walks on the beach......

2 thoughts on “What is the Global Classroom?

  1. it is important to open our eyes to the wide world of technology and globalisation. Make sure the pupils know about other cultures, countries and technology. Teach them to make friends with technology and let them use it often.

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