What is the 21st Century?

Diana Oblinger, vice president for EDUCAUSE, summarized in her description that people in the 21st Century is also known as ‘net generation’, ‘millennial students’, ‘generation Y’ and ‘digital natives’.  By the age of 21, these students will have spent 10 000 hours playing video games, sent 200 000 emails, watched 20 000 hours of television, spent 10 000 hours on a cell phone but less than 5 000 hours reading.  The 21st century is thus a century where technology plays a big role in the everyday lives of the people living in it.  In the 21st century students tend to be multi-taskers; they use sounds and images to convey content.  The 21st century is where people use technology as the universal source of information.  In the 21st century people don’t really use libraries anymore, because everything is available on the internet.  They can stay at home and do the research they need to.  The response in the 21st century would invariably involve a quick Google search.  It is where terminology such as “chat”, “Blog”, “Text Messaging” and “IM” is commonly used.

As we enter a new millennium, most people are by now aware that we are in the midst of one of the most dramatic technological revolutions in history that is changing everything from the ways that we work, communicate, and spend our leisure time. The technological revolution centres on computer, information, communication, and multimedia technologies, is often interpreted as the beginnings of a knowledge or information society, and therefore ascribes education a central role in every aspect of life.  (Kellner, D.). 


About Monique

I am a PGCE student at the University of Pretoria. I completed my BA Degree in Education and Psychology in 2011. I like going to the movies and taking long walks on the beach......

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