How do we now define “Teacher”?

The focus has moved away from teacher centred education to classrooms where the focus has been placed on learners.  This means that the teachers’ role has shifted from being the centre focus of knowledge transfer, to that of empowering learners to acquire their own knowledge base.  By incorporating technology, media and other valuable resources into their lesson plans, teachers become important instruments in transferring not only knowledge but technological literacy in a world where the emphasis is placed on the acquisition of these skills. 

The 12 roles of a teacher:

Information Provider

1.  Lecturer in classroom setting

2.  Teacher in clinical or practical class setting

Role model

3.  On-the-job role model

4.  Role model in the teaching setting


5.  Mentor, personal advisor or tutor

6.  Learning facilitator


7.  Planning or participating in formal examinations of students

8.  Curriculum evaluator


9.  Curriculum planner

10.  Course organizer

Resource developer

11.  Production of study guides

12.  Developing learning resource materials in the form of computer programmes, videotape or print 

(Harden, R.M., Crosby, J.  2000).


About Monique

I am a PGCE student at the University of Pretoria. I completed my BA Degree in Education and Psychology in 2011. I like going to the movies and taking long walks on the beach......

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