How do we now define “Curriculum”

The curriculum of the 21st Century should have the goal of producing innovative, inquiry-driven, relevant practices in education, which makes use of multiple literacies and combining the tools of technology with the skills of critical thinking, to stimulate authentic learning opportunities for all learners anywhere, anytime. This curriculum should empower individuals to become collaborators and creators of solutions to global problems. The technology and tools used in education could become obsolete within decades; therefore the curriculum of the 21st Century should enable learners to become lifelong learners, according to opinions on the blog site Edtech Digest (

Learning becomes now a lifelong process of coping with change – in the environment, technology, education and professions, to name a few. With the rate of information growth increasing continuously, it can be argued that education must place less emphasis on the amount of material memorised and much more emphasis on drawing connections, thinking through and solving problems. Learning how to learn is becoming the foundation of education in the 21st Century (Rodgers, M. et al., 2006).


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I am a PGCE student at the University of Pretoria. I completed my BA Degree in Education and Psychology in 2011. I like going to the movies and taking long walks on the beach......

One thought on “How do we now define “Curriculum”

  1. “The technology and tools used in education could become obsolete within decades” – I think it is much less than a decade by now, every few years, I should say. I do thing it is correct, saying that the education processes should be focused on inquisitions, on the desire to learn and find answers, because that is exactly what will keep children willing to attend school. Also, the learners should be given quite free reign to look for answers, not necessarily with step-by-step manuals, but by technological skills they acquire almost from the womb, nowadays. Teachers should realise that learners can even find out faster than them, and should acknowledge this and use it to merely guide the learner’s inquisitive energy in the right direction for intellectual and personal growth

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